Pet Blinker Pet Safety Light In Blue & White


: $7.99 ($1.00)

Blue & White Pet Blinkies are vibrant, multi-color lights that attach easily to a collar, leash or harness.

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Pet Blinkies are waterproof and visible up to a half mile away. If you love your pet you will love the Pet Blinkie. They are available in 3 blinking, vibrant colors Blue & White, Pink & Jade, Red, White & Blue. Pet Blinkies are easily attached.

SKU: petblin-b/w
Weight: 0.06 lb
Features: • Visible to half mile
• Waterproof
• Easily attached
• Available in 3 colors: Blue with white lights, Pink with jade lights, Red with white & blue lights
Color: Blue with white lights
UPC: 768824441842
MSRP: $7.99


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