What We Are About

Our goal at All Safe For You is to help keep you safe from all the dangers that might happen in life.

We were first introduced to these self defense products because we wanted our children safe wherever they were, especially college but anywhere they felt uncomfortable. We were so impressed we couldn’t help but want to share them.

On more than one occasion, i can testify that if it had not been for the pepper spray and/or stun gun my granddaughters had in their possession, a bad situation would not have been averted.

We are committed to the highest standards to assist you, to offer the best prices, bring you the widest selection of products and much more. We are here with customer support.

If you think any of these self defense might be useful or helpful, please spread the word. Also don’t hesitate to leave comments for each product or our service as a whole.

We welcome any feedback (or constructive criticism) you may provide, and promise to always consider them when implementing any changes.

Please enjoy your visit, and we always look forward to hearing from you!